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Transdermal Drug Delivery Group

Transdermal drug delivery is an optional mode of drug administration. It is a viable alternative if drug permeation across the skin is adequate. Formulation technologies can help in transdermal drug absorption, but skin irritation can often limit the use of these approaches. Appropriate cell culture models of the skin can help us to understand and predict these interactions; and, to facilitate development of new drugs as well as new drug formulations. In this regard, we have developed a human epidermis organotypic cell culture model that can be used for the analysis of transdermal drug delivery, high-throughput screening of chemical libraries, and development and testing of novel transdermal drug 

Arto Urtti, Ph.D, Group Leader

Professor Urtti has led the Centre for Drug Research (CDR) at the University of Helsinki since 2005. Professor Urtti’s has authored more than 220 peer-reviewed articles and 20 patents and patent applications.

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