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International Courses

The CDR participates in the FinPharma Doctoral Program (FPDP). FPDP is a consortium of 4 graduate schools in Finland that coordinates and informs about doctoral courses in the fields of drug discovery, drug development, drug research, and toxicology. FPDP enhances national and international networking through these international courses and laboratory visits. The CDR participates in the FPDP and organizes international doctoral courses in collaboration with other educational organizations. Participants can register and take these courses in person or virtually online. They are open to students, scientists, and professionals from industry. Scientists from abroad are welcome to register for course webinars. The next course organized by the CDR will be a practical course on G-protein coupled receptors and will be held in Helsinki in 2013. Future course and registration information will be listed here when available.
For questions, or for interest in collaborating with the CDR on developing or participating in a FPDP course, please contact the CDR.

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