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Professional Development

At the CDR, we welcome the opportunity to host professional scientists wishing to further develop their skills in drug discovery tools and pharmaceutical nanotechnology. Investigators who wish to study and research here as part of a traditional sabbatical are encouraged to contact the CDR. In addition to academic arrangements, the CDR also hosts professionals from the pharmaceutical industry; and, we are open to industrial exchange programs at all levels.
FiDiPro - the Finland Distinguished Professor Program provides Finnish universities and research institutes like the CDR the opportunity to employ distinguished professor-level scientists from all around the world for a fixed term in order to carry out research and contribute to the advancement of scientific research. FiDiPro Fellow funding is designed for talented and experienced international researchers who are beyond their postdoctoral stage. Expatriate Finnish scientists who have long worked outside of Finland are also eligible for the FiDiPro program. Funding is awarded for a fixed term with a funding period of 2–5 years. Both Tekes and the Academy of Finland provide funding for FiDiPro Professors. The application for funding is made by a Finnish university or research institute and not by the international researcher personally. For more information about the FiDiPro program or if you are interested in working at the CDR as a FiDiPro Professor or Fellow, please contact the CDR.

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