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Basic Research

At CDR, we understand that scientific achievement comes from active and nurtured partnerships with domestic and international teams of researchers. Scientists at CDR participate in numerous international collaborative projects, and we welcome scientific collaboration and partnership in current and future projects. We are active in 4 major areas of research:

Drug ADME Tools

  • Blood-retinal barrier models; corneal, epidermal and epithelial cell models
  • Differentiation of human stem/iPS cells into hepatic and retinal pigment epithelial cells
  • Cellular studies of human ABS efflux transporters
  • Cellular models of drug metabolism
  • Computational modeling for oral drug absorption, efflux transport, and volume of drug distribution
  • Pharmaceutical analysis methods
  • Structure, function, and substrate specificity of UDP-glucuronosyltransferases

Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology and Drug Delivery

  • Biomaterials for microencapsulated cells and nanoparticle-mediated gene delivery
  • Molecular dynamics simulation of drug delivery liposomes with targeting ligands
  • Ophthalmic drug research: cell model development, drug discovery, drug formulation, kinetic modeling, and basic cell research of the eye
  • Computational modeling of the tissues, membranes, and fluid flows in the eye
  • Human epidermis organotypic cell culture model

Drug Discovery and Computational Modeling

  • Developing novel bioassays and screening programs for bioactivity evaluation
  • Computational drug design and screening of libraries of compounds
  • Antiviral and antibacterial screening of chemical compounds
  • Molecular modeling of protein structure and receptor-ligand complexes
  • Computational design of novel drug scaffolds in peptide mimetic chemistry

NanoSPECT/CT Real-Time in vivo Imaging

  • Real-time 3D and quantitative morphological imaging at ultra-high resolution
  • Suitable for drug pharmacology, PD/PK, target discovery, and gene expression studies
  • Fee-based contract imaging services

For more information or for inquiries about collaboration, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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