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Research-oriented M.Sc. degree in Pharmacy

Professor Arto Urtti, Director of the CDR, also directs a research-oriented M.Sc. degree program in the Faculty of Pharmacy. This M.Sc. degree program offers an opportunity for talented and motivated students to conduct advanced course work and to develop hands-on scientific skills early in their training, paving the way for continuing Ph.D. studies or for industrial R&D positions upon graduation. Prospective students are selected via the university entrance examination to complete a M.Sc. in pharmacy in the Finnish language. Selection takes place during the first semester of studies based on separate application and interviews. The Finnish degree requirements for a legalized B.Sc. (Farmaseutti) and M.Sc. (Proviisori) in Pharmacy will be met.
Selected students have the opportunity to substitute courses from the standard curriculum with more advanced courses, based on their individual preferences. For the duration of the program, students also receive both individual as well as group mentoring and tutoring from active young researchers in the Faculty of Pharmacy.
The research-oriented M.Sc. degree in Pharmacy program also includes full-time rotations in different laboratories during the summers (1st and 3rd years). Here, students engage in hands-on research work as a member of an established research group. In addition to developing technical and scientific skills, students develop scientific writing skills and good reporting practices. To ensure that selected students are allowed to fully concentrate on their research work as a full member of a selected research team, students will receive a salary.
The bachelor’s thesis (end of the 3rd year of studies) includes an experimental section and will be completed as individual work. Depending on the student, a graduate thesis topic can be selected at the 4th year, after selection by the division for advanced studies. This allows for a more challenging thesis project.
For questions or for more information about the research-oriented M.Sc. degree program in Pharmacy, please contact the CDR or the Faculty of Pharmacy. 

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