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Group Leader

Päivi Tammela received her Ph.D. in Pharmacy in 2004 (University of Helsinki, Finland). Dr. Tammela has served as University Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Biology (2005-2007) at the University of Helsinki; and, since 2005 has also served as Adjunct Professor. Since 2008, she has served as University Researcher and Group Leader at the CDR where she currently leads the Bioactivity Screening Group. In 2011, Dr. Tammela completed a research visit at the University of Cambridge, Department of Biochemistry, UK. Dr. Tammela has authored more than 30 peer-reviewed articles and 7 patents.

Päivi Tammela has received the following scientific awards:

  • The American Society of Pharmacognosy Foundation Jack L. Beal Award for best Journal of Natural Products paper by a young investigator (2009)
  • Finnish Pharmaceutical Society Albert Wuokko Award to Young Scientist

Dr. Tammela actively participates in the Drug Discovery and Chemical Biology (DDCB) consortium within Biocenter Finland (BF), a national infrastructure for drug discovery and chemical biology research in Finland. As a member of BF, Dr. Tammela provides contract services and expertise in assay development, low- and medium-throughput screening, and maintenance of chemical libraries. For more information or to inquire about contract services in these areas, please contact Dr. Tammela.

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