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Marjo Yliperttula, Ph.D.

Professor of Biopharmaceutics

Marjo Yliperttula received her Ph.D. in Chemistry in 1993 (University of Helsinki, Finland). She served as Group Manager of Physical Chemistry, PK Simulations, and Early ADME at Orion Pharma. She has also served as Professor and Head of Division of Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics at the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Pharmacy.

Dr. Yliperttula has obtained international research experience as a post-doctoral fellow (Centre d’Etudes de Atomique Moleculaire, Saclay, France) and visiting professor (Riga Technical University, University of Padova, and Harvard Medical School).

Professor Yliperttula recently joined CDR at the University of Helsinki, where she heads studies and teaching of Biopharmaceutics. Professor Yliperttula has authored more than 50 peer-reviewed articles and numerous patents. She is particularly active in product R&D; and collaboration with industrial partners. In 2010, Dr. Yliperttula sold the innovation “Nanofibrillar cellulose as cell culture matrix” to UPM (Finland). This technology has enabled development of the commercially available GrowDex® cell culture matrix.

Marjo Yliperttula has received numerous scientific awards including:
  • Scientific Breakthrough Award, Tekes Functional Materials program (2013)
  • Young Scientist of the Year, Finnish Chemical Society (1988)
She has served as referee of the European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Journal of Controlled Release, and for many other international journals. Professor Yliperttula has evaluated grant applications for scientific funding organizations within Finland and abroad. Professor Yliperttula’s main research fields include nanoparticles and drug delivery, 2D and 3D cell culture, and label-free detection technologies.

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