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Meeting Program

GPEN 2014 will include two days of scientific presentations by graduate students, and one day of short courses delivered by academic and industrial experts from around the world. Please note that the schedule is preliminary and subject to change.

Schedule of events:

GPEN 2014 Program

Short courses (and Coordinators) at GPEN 2014 will include:

1. Targeted therapeutics: Protein and peptide drug conjugates Jennifer Laurence (University of Kansas)
2. Nucleic acid and gene delivery Yoshi Takakura (Kyoto University)
3. Drug metabolism and metabolomics Seppo Auriola (University of Eastern Finland)
4. Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modeling (incl. ADMET, in vitro/in vivo) Catherijne Knibbe (Leiden University)
5. Transporters in drug delivery: selected barriers (e.g. blood-brain barrier, blood-retina-barrier, intestinal barrier) Hiroyuki Kusuhara (University of Tokyo)
6. Modern approaches of nanotechnology Hamid Ghandehari (University of Utah)
7. New emerging cell models (e.g. stem cells, 3D cells) Marjo Yliperttula (University of Helsinki)
8. Epigenetics and pharmacogenomics in personalized medicine Tim Wiltshire (University of North Carolina)

From the Director

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