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Predoctoral - M.Sc./Ph.D.

As part of the Faculty of Pharmacy, the CDR contributes to education at every level - from undergraduate studies to postdoctoral education and beyond. We are committed to offering high-level teaching at all levels as well as to further developing the scientific research within the Faculty of Pharmacy and among our students.

Every scientist at the CDR contributes to teaching. With the expertise of our senior scientists, the CDR contributes to undergraduate teaching in many specific areas and has an especially important contribution to make in the following topics:

  • Computational, molecular, and pharmacokinetic modelling
  • Drug targeting
  • Peptide and nucleotide chemistry
  • Physical chemistry and biophysics
  • Bioactivity screening
  • Protein engineering

For the M.Sc. degree in Pharmacy, CDR researchers participate in student supervision. Notably, our scientists can also provide supervision of Master's students from a variety of related disciplines. More informtion about the M.Sc. degree program in Pharmacy can be found here.

CDR also hosts Ph.D. students and provides supervision of their doctoral research projects. Our students come from all over the world and represent a wide range of scientific disciplines ranging from various fields of pharmaceutical science to biotechnology, chemistry, mathematics, and more.

Inquiries for Ph.D. student positions can be submitted by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Preferred candidate backgrounds vary depending on available research projects, but can include pharmaceutics, biochemistry, chemistry, biochemical engineering, biology, medicine, or others. More information about  Ph.D. studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy see here.

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