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Physical Pharmacy Group

Physicochemical properties of drugs are critical parameters influencing drug delivery. Solubility, partitioning, and permeation are relevant processes in every drug delivery system. For large molecules, peptides, or proteins, developing efficient methods for delivery is a formidable task. In particular, drug delivery to the posterior part of the eye is problematic, despite the great need for effective drug treatments at the posterior of the eye. New drug delivery systems are based on polymers or lipids, which release drug in a controlled manner, but they cannot be designed effectively without taking physiology and pharmacokinetics of the eye into account. We computationally model the tissues, membranes, and fluid flows in the eye to quantitatively estimate their effects on drug delivery. The Physical Pharmacy Group also focuses on research in physicochemical modeling of drug transport and drug pharmacokinetics, as well as electrochemistry. We are also currently studying the transport properties of pharmaceutically important macromolecules in biological tissues, such as hydrogels.


Lasse Murtomäki, Dr. Tech., Group Leader

Dr. Murtomäki has served as Group Leader in the Centre for Drug Research (CDR) since 2008 where he currently leads the Physical Pharmacy Group. Dr. Murtomäki also maintains a joint appointment with Aalto University, Department of Chemistry.

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Affiliated Investigators:

Arto Urtti, Ph.D.

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