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Abstract submission is now closed!

The acceptance of abstracts will be communicated June 15th, 2014.


GPEN 2014 Abstract Guidelines:

Font and Font Size: Times New Roman, 12
Title: Centered, Bold, Max. 2 rows, Nouns with Capital first letter
Author Names: Centered, Use full names, Name the presenting author first, Mark the affiliations as superscripts “a”, “b”, “c”, etc. (If all authors are from the same institution, still mark them with superscript “a”)
Affiliations: Align left, No space after the affiliation superscript
Sections: The abstract must contain the sections “Objective”, “Methods”, “Results”, and “Conclusions”; Each section is introduced using bold letters and a dot (“.”) and the section text should be justified, Do NOT indent paragraphs or include references, tables, diagrams or figures, Within a section paragraphs may be used at the author´s convenience.
Paragraph Spacing: Set paragraph spacing to 6 pt and line space to 1, A new paragraph is mandated following the headline, the author names, the affiliations, and after each section
Page Orientation: Portrait
Page Size and Margins: DIN A4; Top, Left, Right, and Bottom are set to 2.54 cm
Word Limit: 300 (“Objective”, “Methods”, “Results”, and “Conclusions” combined)
File Name: Name your document “PresentingLastName_Abstract”
File Format: Submit your document as *.doc or *.pdf

Download GPEN 2014 Abstract Template (.doc)

Submission Deadline: May 15, 2014

The acceptance of abstracts will be communicated June 15th, 2014.


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