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J. Arturo Garcia-Horsman, Ph.D.

SPECT/CT Manager

Dr. Garcia-Horsman received his PhD in Biochemistry in 1990 (National University of Mexico). He obtained international research experience as research scientist with a number of institutions, including University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA (1990-1994); National University of Mexico (1994-1995); and University of Helsinki (1995-2000). He also served as Senior Researcher at the University of Eastern Finland (2000-2004) and as Group Leader at the Príncipe Felipe Research Center in Valencia, Span (2004-2007). Since 2007, Dr. Garcia-Horsman has served as Group Leader in the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Helsinki, where he also serves as Manager of the CDR SPECT/CT Imaging Core.
Dr. Garcia-Horsman has developed expertise in a range of disciplines including physical chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, chromatography and protein purification, enzymology, and spectroscopy (optical, infrared, RAMAN). He also has experience in transgenic mice, and he has specifically developed two catechol O-methyl transferase gene (COMT) mutant mouse strains and one prolyl oligopeptidase (PREP) knockout strain. Currently, Dr. Garcia-Horsman is developing further expertise in molecular imaging and computerized tomography.
In addition to research and management, Dr. Garcia-Horsman also participates in teaching in the Faculty of Pharmacy, where he leads the course, “Methods in Pharmacology II.” He also teaches in the course, “Molecular Biology for Pharmacy Students,” where he focuses on epigenetics, genomics, and genomic analyses. He has served as supervisor of several doctoral and master theses, and also within the European Erasmus program.

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