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World-Class Research
We perform world-class research in biological and natural product drugs. Our research encompasses a wide variety of technologies - from computational modelling, to in vitro & in vivo bioactivity screening, to cellular tools to small animal imaging. We also research advanced drug delivery systems including drug conjugates and nanoformulations.

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Small animal imaging service
We host a high performance SPECT/CT imaging instrument enabling quantitative real-time morphological tracking of labeled substances in rodents in 3D at ultra-high resolution. SPECT is ideal for: drug PD/PK and morphological measurements, drug delivery, nanomedicine, oncology, neurology, and target discovery.

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Building collaborative partnerships
We develop and sustain productive partnerships with industry and academia. We are active in numerous therapeutic areas including: cancer, eye diseases, antimicrobials, cell therapy, and nanomedicine.

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From the Director

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